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When you need a repair or service for your gas boiler we can usually respond more quickly than others. We do not install complete systems and this means we avoid being tied up for lengthy periods. So unlike many others, we don't give days or even weeks! as the earliest possible response time.

  • Emergency Repair
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Gas Fires
  • Gas Hobs
  • C0 Alarms
  • Combisave
  • Central Heating
  • Water Softeners

At House Doctors, we pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money. During the annual service we often identify issues that could have resulted in a break down during the following months and We are always alert to identify where you can save money on your gas and maintenance costs.

One stop heating shop
Whatever you need, -Emergency boiler repair, Annual service, Boiler installation, or a general heating system upgrade, we have the expertise and are very happy to talk you through your options.

Money saving controls
Bearing in mind that 84% of domestic energy consumption is through the generation of heating and hot water, controlling both temperature and timing your heating to come on and off is the most effective way to control your heating properly and reduce bills by over £120 per year. 8 million homes in the UK do not have a room thermostat fitted at all!

Compared to other energy saving initiatives, what home owners often do not realise is heating controls have one of the quickest payback periods on the market.

Homeowners can set their heating to suit their lifestyles with programmable thermostats and timers. Many don’t realise this is possible, or don't fully know how to use their heating controls to achieve this. The functionalities of modern heating controls allow users to manage their heating on an hourly, daily and even weekly basis with the touch of a button.

It's a fact that you are paying more to heat your home than you need to, if you do not have thermostatic controls.

Water quality - Magnetic filters
The most vital aspect of boiler care is to maintain the correct concentration of corrosion inhibitor in the system water. If this is not done, sludge from corrosion will build up and will block vital waterways within the boiler, resulting in expensive repairs.

The chemical additive is called 'Inhibiter' NOT 'Eliminator' therefore having a magnetic filter like the Fernox TF1, that also traps non-metallic particles is strongly advised. As well as preventing breakdown and boiler repair bills, the whole central heating system works more efficiently owing to the absence of these heavy particles. Savings of up to 7% can be anticipated.

Water Softeners:

Very often Its lime scale that has caused much of the damage to plumbing and heating fixtures and appliances that we repair. We live in a hard water area as you know, so you should consider having a water softener installed. Those who have one wouldn't be without it! The day to day benefits are obvious and impressive but additionally it saves a lot of money. Typically paying for itself in two years!

One softener stands out to me as the obvious best choice and I've Copied below a link to their site. Do watch all of the videos if you can, they're really informative on the benefits of installing a softener.

Click on the link below. (If it doesn't open automatically, copy and paste into your browser) http://www.dualflo.co.uk/soft_water_in_action

The 'DualFlow' manufacturer, especially emphasise the benefits to us as we use water around the home - washing etc. But I want to add that there is a huge benefit for all of the unseen parts of your plumbing system, toilet cisterns, header tanks, Tap valves and washers, Washing machine and dishwasher working parts & hoses (No need for Calgon!) and especially your hot water production, weather a Combi boiler or stored cylinder and the heaters within electric showers. The life of all these will be extended and breakdown issues, related to water scale damage, virtually eliminated.

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