Windows, doors and conservatories should be maintained as they have to keep the home weather tight and secure. You can place your full trust in House Doctors, who have worked in the double glazing industry since 1979.


Most people are now aware that the double glazed glass units in windows and doors have a finite life span. Eventually humid air and even rainwater, gets in-between the glass panes and results in water vapour and condensation marks. Many terms have come into common use to describe this – misted glass, Misted units, foggy glass, foggy units, broken down seals etc, all of which describe the same issue.

The solution is simple and is guaranteed for ten years. We make a duplicate glass unit and replace the faulty one. You do not need to replace the whole window! In fact you have the option of upgrading to the new Building Reg’s compliant glass, such as energy efficient Pilkington K.

As well as carrying out on site repairs we offer a parts only service, with advice on fitting.