Modern Pvcu doors have a number of adjustments that need to be set correctly, within the hinges and the door lock mechanism. In addition, the way that the glass or panel are secured into the door, effects the way the door closes. If your door lock fails or the door doesn’t close smoothly, you should call us in at an early stage to have it set up to close correctly. Our locksmith service is a call away.

Doors set up to close correctly++ Failed locks replaced++Broken hinges, replaced.


Thanks in no small way to the internet, Burglars have information- previously known only to professionals, that they can open ‘high security’ multipoint locks on upvc doors with the minimum of effort.(No crowbar required)

Well, think of this. Once you have lifted the Handle to engage the High Security bolts, all that holds them in position is a small piece of Metal turned with your key. Here is the weak link!!
And it’s being exploited by burglar’s NOW.

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